Examine Hiring: Tech Lead

What we do

We care a lot about our mission: To analyze and summarize the latest scientific research to help you be healthier. The company mission may be perfunctory for some organizations, but we take ours very seriously.

Transparency is vital to us, to both our users and our employees. We give our employees autonomy and responsibility and practice financial transparency and profit sharing with our team members.

We are a virtual and global company that allows you to work from wherever you wish. Our latest in-person meeting was in Mexico, and we flew in employees from Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Cyprus.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a Tech Lead to help guide our tech team of four developers. A lead at Examine is not the same as a manager; you will not be hiring or firing people. A lead is in charge of a department and ensures that their team runs smoothly, facilitates tasks and scheduling with the team, and is responsible for all administrative duties. This is important because we are a remote team.

Ideally, you are interested in health and nutrition.

If accepted for the position, you’ll work with a team of cool and curious nutrition nerds. We’re a humble group (yes, writing that felt a little weird), and everyone who joins the team is easy to work with. We take our work seriously, not ourselves.

Candidates must have previous experience managing a team and must be comfortable with full stack. We use Laravel for our backend and Next.js and TailwindCSS for our frontend.

Tasks that will be required of you:

  • Reviewing code/pushes.
  • Documenting our processes and API.
  • Administration: organizing and assigning tasks, weekly updates, and more.
  • Helping set deadlines.
  • Being the liaison with the rest of the Examine team.
  • Being responsive and staying on top of communications (within work hours).

Having experience submitting to open source software is a plus.

To repeat: It’s of utmost importance that you’re open-minded, curious, and easy to work with.

What we offer you

  • Competitive salary.
  • Remote-working — pick the hours that work best for you.
  • Four-day work week. Fridays are off.
    • Many companies claim this, but we are strict about enforcing no emails or Slack usage during this time.
  • Unlimited vacation time.
  • Work-life balance — as a health organization, it is important to us that no one works excessive hours, works on the weekend, or burns themselves out.
  • Team profit-sharing — we share 20% of pre-tax profits with the team.

About us

The ideal candidate has used Examine. If you haven’t, please be honest. We’re looking for someone interested in a career shift to a unique company that focuses on accuracy, objectivity, and helpfulness above all.

We have no external funding and are laser-focused on improving people’s lives, being transparent, and balancing free vs. paid content.

We are a flat organization, and as the team lead, you will report directly to our co-founders. Our development team is small (two existing developers, two new hires), and you will work with them to best organize workflow.

Employees are expected to give a weekly report on what they have completed and will be doing in the future. We do not micromanage, count hours, or do anything invasive — we treat you like an adult.

At Examine, we are very focused on collaborative effort — we always explain the why of what we are doing, and your feedback is encouraged in all facets of the company, including outside of development.

We take pride in not being “just another job” — you’re welcome to review our Employee Handbook and how it applies to our team members. Our entire approach is to build a company we would enjoy working at — one that allows us to be challenged and grow our skillset and enjoy our work, not be crushed with relentless work hours.

We are happy to make team members available for you to talk to. Consider them our references.

The logistics

Fill out the form linked below.

We expect you to stay with us for at least a year and hopefully much longer.

Please submit your LinkedIn profile and/or CV, along with any work or code you wish to highlight. Github or code samples will be very important in helping us ascertain competency and skills.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

To apply

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