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If you want to know what supplements to take for Vegetarian/Vegan...

Vegetarians & Vegans Supplement Guide

Vegetarian/Vegan Overview:

A compilation of compounds that are beneficial to vegans or vegetarians, this benefit arising from the exclusion of meat products (and thus exclusion of some key nutrients) that can be amended by supplementation.Although most supplements are synthesized from cheap (usually plant) sources rather than derived from meat (and thus being vegan), please make sure to confirm with the manufacturer if you are vegan wishing to avoid animal byproducts. Gelatin capsules may be animal byproducts.Additionally, while some supplements in this list are outright recommended some (the dietary protein) is conditional on your diet being insufficient in protein (read more on that topic here)

Suggested Supplements


Dosage: 2-5g

Creatine is found exclusively in skeletal muscle or organ tissue in animals. The human body can synthesis about half of the daily levels of creatine (a reason why it is technically not a vitamin, despite having a deficiency state) but vegetarians and vegans are in a relative deficiency state.

Only in vegetarians and vegans (and perhaps the sleep deprived), is creatine a cognitive enhancer; evidence for the deficiency state. Supplementation with creatine can bring muscular creatine stores up to par with omnivores.


Dosage: 500

Carnitine is similar to creatine as it is primarily a meat-exclusive nutrient and may have a relative deficiency state.


Dosage: According to dietna

Spirulina is a complete protein source from bacteria (vegan protein source) with a variety of health benefits that usually start at 3g a day (but may increase up to 10-20g a day).

Spirulina is likely the protein supplement for vegans that is most likely to have some degree of health benefit and bioactivity associated with it, so if only a small amount of extra dietary protein is required in addition to the diet then spirulina could be a good source of it.


Dosage: 2g

Either Beta-Alanine or its metabolic product, a compound known as Carnosine. Both compounds are prominent in meat products and localized to skeletal tissue, and thus exclusion of meat excludes their dietary intake.

2g overall intake is on the low end of effective, but enough to cover the relative dietary lack of this nutrient. Commonly used doses of beta-alanine range in the 2.4-6.2g daily, in divided doses to avoid a harmless but annoying tingling called Parasthesia

Hemp Protein

Dosage: According to dietna

Hemp protein is a protein source derived from hempseeds and is a vegan source for protein supplementation. It is not outright needed, but due to the benefits of a higher protein intake in general supplemental sources might be needed.

Hemp may have a cannabinoid content (health properties of these as it applies to hemp protein ingestion unknown) but for the most part is just a vessel for dietary protein.


Dosage: 75-150mcg

Iodine is not normally deficient in the diet, but it appears that vegetarians and vegans who omit processed food and table salt (thus reducing dietary iodine intake) and do not consume seaweed (a very rich vegan source of iodine) are at an increased risk for iodine deficiency because they do not eat fish and are more likely to avoid adding salt to their meals (since vegetarianism is sort of an indicator of a person who cares about their health).

If you want to know what supplements to take for Vegetarian/Vegan...

Vegetarians & Vegans Supplement Guide