Bone turnover markers

Last Updated: August 28, 2023

Bone turnover biomarkers are used to assess the trajectory of bone remodeling over relatlively short periods of time. Becuase changes in bone mineral density occur slowly, over several months to years, it is difficult to determine the trajectory of bone remodeling in shorter duration trials or studies. Changes in bone turnover biomarkers enable researchers to examine the acute effects of an intervention on bone remodeling,.


Bone is an active, self-renewing tissue, constantly undergoing cycles of resorption to break down older bones, and building to add new bone tissue. With conditions associated with bone loss such as osteoporosis, bone resportption occurs to a greater extent compared to building, eventually leading to low bone mineral density and more fragile bones. A decrease in the ratio of biomarkers for bone builing relative to bone resorption in an indicator for conditions that favor bone loss.

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