Last Updated: September 28, 2022

    A metabolite of vitamin C that may have unique effects in the body, it is currently being researched for use as a mineral chelating agent able to greatly enhance bioavailability of minerals (such as Magnesium-L-Threonate).

    L-Threonate is most often used for


    L-Threonate is a metabolite of vitamin C that is currently being investigated for some vitamin C-like properties as well as its ability to greatly enhance mineral uptake.

    What are other names for L-Threonate

    Note that L-Threonate is also known as:
    • L-Threonic Acid
    L-Threonate should not be confused with:
    • L-Theanine

    Dosage information

    Not enough information is known at this time to suggest an optimal dose of L-Threonate in isolation.

    Mineral chelations of L-Threonate should be dosed according to the active mineral content of the chelation.

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