Gamma Oryzanol

Last Updated: September 28, 2022

Gamma Oryzanol (γ-Oryzanol), a mixture of compounds found notably in rice bran oil, is a promising but unproven cholesterol-lowering agent with some skin health properties. It does not increase testosterone.

Gamma Oryzanol is most often used for

What are other names for Gamma Oryzanol?
Note that Gamma Oryzanol is also known as:
  • γ-Oryzanol
Dosage information

The dosages of Gamma-oryzanol used are highly variable, with some studies using a lower dose (50mg once daily or 20mg thrice daily) and other studies using a markedly higher dosage (300-800mg daily). As there are no reliable benefits associated with Gamma-oryzanol supplementation in the first place, it is unsure what dosage should be recommended (if this supplement is to be recommended at all).

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